Frequently Asked Questions

What is YodAlpha and What is it For?

YodAlpha is a search engine exclusively dedicated to Religious, Theological, and Biblical Studies. It delivers relevant search results to your most sacred query. Accessing a Biblical passage, a Quranic verse or any other religious text and their commentary is just a click away.

As a Bible study tool, YodAlpha provides links to lectures, essays, commentaries, and articles written by biblical scholars and theologians. Those online resources prove exceedingly beneficial for seminary students, youth ministers, and Sunday school teachers.

As a religious search engine, YodAlpha offers a collaborative platform for different faiths. It is comprised of a curated list of religious websites to increase the relevancy of our search results. You will find related articles on topics from Abrahamic religions to Hinduism.

Whether your interest is religious or academic, YodAlpha is your go-to devotional tool. Therefore, add it to your 'Bookmarks' and 'Favorites' tab for your next research project or sermon preparation. We make theological research easier and more accessible for everyone.